Optus YesTickets

We built a workflow for Optus to engage with their customers and offer them reward options.


Optus Telecom wanted to reward its long-tenure customers with an unexpected gift.


In the first part of the project, we built an application that receives Optus susbcriber data, composes appropriate SMS messages, and sends these messages as data files to an SMS server.

Once the messages are sent by the SMS server, the second part of the project was a web application where subscribers can redeem their gifts. Subscribers are validated and offered a customized selection of gifts.

As a follow-on project, we developed a subscriber profile analysis tool. Optus had subscriber data collected through multiple sources. We collated this and streamed it into a single view. Optus could query this common data, use any set of parameters like location, age and interests, and instantly generate a target group appropriate to any campaign.



Scope of Work

The project included:

  • an application to receive subscriber data, process it and compose SMS messages to be sent
  • a website to allow subscribers to redeem their gifts
  • reports to log the gifts requested
  • an analysis tool to filter and target subscriber groups for marketing campaigns