Project Management

Our Project Management philosophy is based on a solid commitment to transparency and reliability. Our team has a record of delivering projects on time and within budget.


Tools and Processes

We use carefully chosen processes, tools and frameworks to ensure good communication and quicken development cycles.

We use Trello, a sophisticated project management framework that allows real-time collaboration and updates of all project-related activities. All stakeholders have access to this and communication is direct and consolidated.

We ensure that client stakeholders are involved with projects right from the start so that their feedback can be assimilated and acted upon immediately.


We actively use prototyping to ensure that client can see ‘visual’ progress on their project. This approach helps because it allows the client to see actual functionality and provide feedback early in the project.


We designate a program manager, who will be the single point of contact for the duration of the project. All communication is channeled through the program manager.


Program Manager

Single point of contact for the client. Translates business rules to project milestones and tasks.

Project Manager

Operational lead for planning, execution and delivery. Schedules tasks, tracks progress and conforms development to desired outcome.

Development Lead

Heads the execution team. Manages development platform and technical environment.

Design Lead

Provides visual framework. Plans the layout, navigation and stylesheet design. Identifies and develops visual elements.