Our Development Approach

Communicate-Plan-Execute Cycle

We believe web development is an iterative process. Unlike other media where the emphasis is on protocol and formal communication, we believe the natural approach to web development is to communicate transparently with all stakeholders on a single forum, plan the development, execute rapidly and publish for feedback.

We open our test environment to clients for active and transparent feedback during development.

Release Early, Release Often

The medium allows us to use natural feedback and dialogue to incrementally approach our goal. We have found this approach very efficient with medium to large sized web projects.

Our emphasis is on completing this cycle as efficiently and quickly as possible, rather than restricting development till we have perfect information.

Reuse and Recycle

We believe in adopting best-of-breed applications wherever possible and integrating them into our solution, rather than building from bottom up. Web-based applications and tools have truly evolved to professional levels and can now be rapidly integrated and customized to meet most requirements. The triple advantage of this is quick deployment, evolved software and lower total cost of ownership.